Our Stars

Turnkey remote patient monitoring platform designed to take the complexities out of real world data capture.

GruEnergy offers high-performance silicon-based lithium ion battery anode materials today, paving the way for nearly universal electrification of vehicles, power tools, and many other consumer products.

Inquis Medical is a privately funded medical device company in the Bay Area.

Double Helix Optics has invented a new concept in nanoscale imaging: the engineered rotating point spread function (PSF). Double Helix Light Engineering™ modifies the light path with user-changeable phase masks to deliver optimized 3D images.

Our AI-enabled Soundscope™ technology gives you the power to personalize your hearing profile at home.

Leo Cancer Care’s innovative upright radiotherapy solutions are the better, more human way to deliver radiation therapy.

DevSecOps, DataOps, MLOps, IT operations, and SRE teams rely on InsightFinder as the one-stop AI intelligence engine to predict and prevent infrastructure, data, security problems in complex modern IT architectures.

RaySecur™ has developed breakthrough imaging technology based on millimeter waves. Our MailSecur™ systems provide real-time, 3D imaging to detect even the smallest threats – a vast improvement over traditional static 2D X ray scanning.

WiBotic systems work with any battery on any robot using reliable charging hardware and fleet energy management software to maximize robot productivity.