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InsightFinder $10M Series A Empowers IT With Incident Prevention

September 13, 2022

InsightFinder predicts and prevents outages in complex distributed IT architectures through the company’s unique patented technology for unsupervised stream learning and pattern-driven auto-remediation.

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$25.3M Raised for Leo Cancer Care to Continue Their Mission to be ‘The More Human Way to Deliver Radiation Therapy’

July 20, 2021

Leo Cancer Care is dedicated to being the more human way to deliver radiation therapy. Their family of world class radiation therapy solutions can provide a streamlined and efficient treatment, whilst making the patient feel in control and hopeful. Leo Cancer Care has been built on research from across the globe showing the clinical benefits of upright patient positioning. Combining this with a shift from machine rotation to patient rotation, Leo Cancer Care is set to make radiation therapy more accessible than ever before.

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