Transforming Medicine: Aqtual Secures $16M Series A to Pioneer Precision Treatment Solutions Copy

Aqtual secures $16M Series A to revolutionize precision medicine, offering hope for personalized treatments in diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and cancer.

I’m thrilled to have co-led Aqtual, Inc.’s recent $16M Series A funding round, as the company works to expand its DNA platform to develop products for a wide range of new disease treatments!

Did you know that most rheumatoid arthritis patients are often compelled to experiment with two to three drugs from a pool of more than 20 options just to find one that might suit them?

Did you know that many cancer patients and their healthcare providers remain uncertain of the effectiveness of their drugs until after months of use?

The existing methods of treatment not only drain resources, but also squander invaluable time that could be used to combat disease and preserve lives.

Enter Aqtual, which is on a mission to bring a new era of efficiency and precision to the medical world using proprietary biochemistry and sophisticated data analysis. Its platform is creating a catalog of new biological insights that will help doctors make better decisions for their patients.

Aqtual Raises $16 Million in Series A Funds

It stands to revolutionize the future of precision medicine, and I’m excited that Yu Galaxy is on this journey with the Aqtual team.