Breaking Barriers: Elve's $15M Series A Funding Propels Wireless Revolution

Elve's $15M Series A funding marks a milestone in revolutionizing wireless internet access worldwide. Proud to support their groundbreaking work! 🚀

Congratulations to Diana Gamzina and the entire team at Elve, Inc., including our fellow investors, on achieving the remarkable milestone of a successful $15 million Series A fundraising round!

Elve Secures $15M in Series A Funding to Increase Manufacturing and Expand Customer Base

At Yu Galaxy we take great pride in having been the first investor in Elve, supporting the company even before its first product was introduced.

Elve stands to have a profound impact on the world, revolutionizing access to high-speed wireless internet for millions of people worldwide through an innovative network of space telecom networks and ground stations.

It has been an absolute privilege to collaborate with both the Elve team and the board over the last few years, contributing to the company's evolution and commercialization to the point where it is now delivering groundbreaking products to a growing customer base. We’re excited to see what comes next for Elve!